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There are two ways to install a plugin. Through WordPress Dashboard or FTP.

WordPress Dashboard

  1. Download the following file named from CodeCanyon
  2. Navigate to Plugins > Add New
  3. Click on Upload Plugin at the top of the page
  4. Select file
  5. Click Install Now
  6. Activate plugin after installation or on page Plugins


  1. Download and unpack ZIP file named from CodeCanyon
  2. Open FTP and navigate to /wp-content/plugins/
  3. Upload directory named rating-form
  4. Activate plugin on page Plugins


When a new update comes out, make sure you read the changelog on the bottom of the plugin’s page at codecanyon. If you decide to update the safest way is to update through FTP.

  1. Open FTP and navigate to /wp-content/plugins/rating-form/
  2. Overwrite the plugin files with the ones that you re-downloaded from codecanyon.
    This will not remove any data of Rating Form! Unless you delete this plugin through Dashboard.

Getting started

rf_pagesAfter installing and activating plugin Rating Form you will find the following pages at the bottom of your Dashboard. See the next table for a short description what these pages are about.

Page Name Description
Results List of the latest rating results and you can edit ratings.
Forms List of rating forms. You can edit Settings, Style, Duplicate and Delete a Rating Form.
Titles List of Titles. Titles are displayed text when hovering a Rating Form. On this page you can edit, add and delete title to each position of a Rating Form.
Add New On this page you can create a new rating form.


No rating result displayed in search results?

It can take up 2 days for the rating stars to be visible in search engines.
Test a webpage to be sure: Rich Snippet Tool - Google

Add Rating Form to myCRED

Compatible with myCRED 1.6.8 or above.
Click here to go to myCred for step by step explanation.

Can I use Rating Form inside bbPress Replies?

Yes, you can by inserting the default rating form shortcode after or before a reply content.

If you have an issue when you vote on a topic or reply, you are getting the same rating result on all replies. You can try to add a function of bbPress that gets the current reply ID by adjusting the shortcode as followed: