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  1. Upload folder rating-form inside folder upload
  2. Edit settings (location, database, login) in config.php
  3. Navigate to /rating-form/, you will be auto redirected to the installation page: install.php
    Make sure these two folders are writable
  4. Before continuing rename install.php to something like install_done.php

After Installation

After installation, you can start creating Rating Forms, but first lets add a little code.
Which will output JavaScript, Style-sheet and Rating Form settings.

Add the following code inside <head> tag of your php (header) page after jQuery, insert the right folder path to /rating-form/inc.php

Don't have jQuery installed? Use 'jquery' like rating_form_head( 'jquery' ) to output jQuery (from Google) as well.

If you would like to add scripts to the bottom:  add rating_form_head(); before body tag.

Create Rating Forms

  1. Navigate to page Forms and click on Add New
  2. Choose a Rating Form or Add images (Custom)
  3. Click Create
  4. Leave default settings or change them
  5. Click Add (at the bottom of page)

When a Rating Form has been successfully created. You will see a new block added to the page called Copy Code

  • Select All and Copy (right click mouse and copy)
  • Do not forget to add post_id option to the array. This will represent the ID of a page.
  • Paste this PHP code anywhere on your webpage.

Example PHP code

  • id = Rating Form ID Style (e.g. stars)
  • post_id = unique ID of a page
    • On the demo (Open Cart) website. I am using the current product id as a unique number
      • You can assign php variable $product_id
    • Lets say you have only few pages, just add unique numbers to each pages.
      • Homepage - post_id = 1
      • About - post_id = 2
      • Contact - post_id = 3

The End!

Top Ratings

More info coming soon


Tools - Create PHP Code and Export results

Navigate to Tools page (or see a example on demo website).
On this page you can create Rating Form PHP codes and export rating results.