Display a Rating Form.

Attribute Description Default Value
id Define rating form by ID 1 Number
post_id Define post ID of the current page Empty / 0 Number
comment_id Define comment ID of the current comment Empty / 0 Number
custom_id Define a unique ID for multiple rating forms on same page. 0 Number
title Show / Hide titles (tooltip text) false Boolean
score Show / Hide average ratings true Boolean
total Show / Hide total ratings true Boolean
stats Show / Hide rating statics true Boolean
tooltip Turn tooltip into static title if set to false true Boolean
result Display rating result (You cannot rate) false Boolean
rates Change text ratings.
Separate the singular term with a plural term or use one term
rating,ratings Text
user Define user ID. This means it will check the provided user ID instead of IP 0 Number
user_logged_in Check if a user needs to be logged in to vote
This is different than the "User Login" option on setting page.
Think this as a signal to a Rating Form that will know if the current user on your website is logged in.
false Boolean


Display top ratings.

Attribute Description Default Value
form_id Get style and settings from a Rating Form by ID 1 Number
user Gets all top ratings of a posts that's been rated by a user ID 0 Number
show_custom_id Show top ratings of a custom_id, depending on the given type. false Boolean
limit Number of posts 5 Number
type Choices: posts, comments
Get top ratings of posts or comments
posts Text